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Studies in Cahuilla Culture - Soft Copy

Studies in Cahuilla Culture - Soft Copy

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Studies in Cahuilla Culture

By A.L. and Lucile Hooper Kroeber

This volume, the third of the series Classics in California Anthropology published by the Malki Museum Press, contains two works on the Cahuilla people of Southern California: A. L. Kroebers Ethnography of the Cahuilla Indians, originally published in 1908, and Lucile Hoopers. The Cahuilla Indians, dating from 1920. Alfred Kroeber, who was the father of Californian anthropology and the dean of American anthropologists for many years, visited the Cahuilla in the early years of this century, as part of an effort to understand the cultural history of the Southern California Indians and their degree of cultural survival. He subsequently sent students and associates to the same area, and among these was Lucile Hooper. The works by these two authors still stand as basic sources of data on Cahuilla culture and its persistence. The present edition contains a new Introduction by Lowell John Bean, Professor of Anthropology at California State University, Hayward. Professor Bean is the author of many books, including Mukats People and numerous other ethnographic works on the Cahuilla.

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