The Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology

Malki Museum Press has published the Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology since 1979 in cooperation with the Department of Anthropology at various universities.

It is the only journal representing California anthropology, and features articles from all four areas of anthropology including: Linguistic, Biological, Cultural/Ethnographic, and Archaeological. The Journal is a bi-annual periodical, printed usually in Spring and Winter. The Journal is read by scholars and can be found in libraries around the globe.

JCGBA Subscriptions

Subscriptions are available at the rate of $75 (Individuals) $150 (institutions) per annual subscription (one Volume, two issues).

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International shipping is additional: Europe economy rate is $30.00 and the Canada rate is $20.00.

Back issues of some volumes and numbers are available directly from the Malki Museum Store. Please call or email for availability.

Subscribers must keep the Malki Museum informed of any address change, and are responsible for non-delivery cause by failure to submit a change of address. Address all correspondence to:

Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology

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JCGBA Lecture Series

Enjoy our new Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology Lecture Series. Lectures will take place bi-annually along side the publication of our Journal and highlight upcoming articles in order to bring a new voice to our journal and its contributors.

JCGBA Lecture Series - Vol. 42.1 - Gregory J. Haverstock, Angela S. Jayko, Harry C. Williams - Pre-Colonial Nüümü (Paiute) Agriculture in Payahuunadü (Owens Valley), California

Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology Editorial Staff

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  • Editor - Dr. Christopher Morgan, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada; ctmorgan@unr.edu
  • Associate Editor - Don Laylander
  • Pioneers Editor - Dr. Mark Sutton
  • Book Review Editor - Dr. Katelyn McDonough, University of Oregon - Eugene, OR; kmcdonou@uoregon.edu
  • Managing Editor - Victoria L. Kline - Managing Editor - Department of Anthropology, San Diego State University
  • Design & Layout - Kathleen Wise

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