Tovanger (World): A Gabrielino Word Book


SKU: d99ded37a45e. Categories: , , . Author Name: Harry James Product Details Publisher: Malki-Museum Press (1969) Language: English ISBN-10: 939046490 ISBN-13: 9780939046065

Product Description

The Los Angeles Basin, where the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and many others now cover the land, was once home to many Indian people. We know no Indian name for these people and they are usually called Gabrielinos and Fernandinos after the Spanish missions which were established in their territory. Today no one speaks the language which was spoken by thousands of Indian people who lived in this region and on some of the Channel Islands. Fortunately, some of the words of the Gabrielino language were recorded many years ago before the last speakers died. Gabrielino is related to other southern California Indian languages. Its nearest relatives are Cahuilla and Cupeno, with Serrano and Luiseno as more distant cousins. This 36-page booklet is packed with Gabrielino words, accompanied by illustrations based on the rock art of Southern California’s First People.