Dictionary of the Mesa Grande


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Dictionary of Mesa Grande Diegueno is the first dictionary of a Yuman Indian language, and introduces a world of words, sounds, and ideas which directly reflect a still vital cultural tradition of California and the Southwest. Diegueno is the major native language of San Diego County, and is still spoken today in a variety of dialects in the northern part of Baja California. This dictionary is presented in a practical orthography devoid of special symbols, fully capable of representing the sounds of the language. Although no specialized knowledge is required for its use, making the dictionary suitable for both the layman and the scholar, it conforms at the same time to sound principles of linguistic scholarship. The intention of the authors, assisted by their editor Margaret Langdon, was to produce a dictionary which would prove of value not only to linguists, anthropologists, and historians, but which could be used by Indian people, school teachers, and everyone interested in the California Indian.

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