Chem’ivillu’ (Let’s Speak Cahuilla)


Cahuilla is a language of the Takic branch of the Uto-Aztecan family of American Indian languages, spoken on several reservations in Southern California, mostly in Riverside County. Chem’ivillu’ is the first textbook developed for those who want to learn Cahuilla as a second language. It is also the first book devoted entirely to the Mountain dialect of Cahuilla. The project was funded by a grant from the UCLA Institute of American Cultures, under the sponsorship  of the UCLA American Indian Studies Center.

Categories: , . Author Name: Katherine Siva Sauvel & Pamela Munro Product Details Publisher: Malki Museum & Los Angeles: American Indian Studies Center, UCLA, 1981 Language: Cahuilla/English ISBN-10: 0-935626-08-5 ISBN-13: 978-0935626087


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