California Indians: Primary Resources


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This is a book that invites the reader to go on a treasure hunt. It is a hunt through our public “attics” in search of the treasures of history, language, wisdom, and art that derived from the many and varied cultures of California Indians. The hunt will lead to museums, libraries, and archives; through cities, villages, and national parks; it will serve as an introduction to the stories and songs, paintings and photographs, clothing and jewelry, skills and crafts, and literature and history of the Indians of Southern California. Teachers in California schools will find it a sourcebook for ideas, since it lists the resources on Indians by California counties in an easily accessible manner. Students and scholars of all levels will find it irreplaceable as an outline, a planner, and a tour guide of Native California. An invaluable volume for anyone studying the ethnography and ethnohistory of Native Californians. After an introductory chapter on how to access and use primary resources, the holdings of libraries, museums, and archives are presented first by California counties in alphabetical order, then by states, and finally by countries.

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