Cahuilla Grammar


Published in 1977 by Malki Museum Press Cahuilla Grammar is a scientific grammar of Cahuilla, a Uto-Aztecan language spoken in Southern California. At least some parts of the grammar will be accessible to the interests of non-linguist: in particular the “Introduction” and the introductions to the main chapters and subchapters.

The work on this grammar has spread over a period of twenty years. Particular aspects of the Cahuilla language have been described or discussed by the author in earlier publications: the present study, is however, the first attempt to present the language in its entirety. The author has endeavored to go beyond a mere presentation of the facts of Cahuilla in working out the essence, i.e. the underlying design of this language. This volume will therefore prove to be of interest not only to specialists in American Indian languages, but also to the student of general linguists, of anthropology, of language typology and universals, and of the theory of language.


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