Willie Boy


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SKU: 464982d5da72. Categories: , . Author Name: Harry James Product Details Publisher: Malki-Museum Press (1969) Language: English ISBN-10: 939046490 ISBN-13: 9780939046065

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A gripping, true tale about a 1909 posse chase across more than 500 miles of harsh desert wilderness for Willie Boy, a local Paiute Indian who killed the father of a girl he loved so he could run off with her. The story became highly publicized by reporters in the area, and turned into a large chase. The end of the story of this local legend is disputed, with an Indian version and the version of the white-man. This western epic inspired the 1969 film starring Robert Redford called “Tell Them Willie Boy is Here.” “Far more authentic and exciting than most Western novels and movies…. For those who see cultural integration as a simple matter of moving people into new surroundings and situations, Willie Boy should be required reading.” —Ferol Egan, San Francisco Examiner