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The Malki Museum is a non-profit, privately owned and operated museum, and is completely dependent on membership fees and donations.

Membership to the Museum comes in several categories. Dues are tax deductible. As a member of the oldest Indian-run museum in California you will receive our newsletter Malki News plus a 15% discount on all Malki-Ballena Press publications (Excluding JCGBA Subscriptions). One of our most popular memberships is the Contributing Membership which includes a year membership to the museum and also a subscription to the JCGBA.

We host an annual ‘Members Only Event‘ which can be accessed with your museum membership so be sure that you are up to date so that you don’t miss out on exclusive events, lectures, or workshops. The most reliable way to stay updated as a member is to sign up via PayPal for a recurring membership payment to the museum. Click the link below and follow the directions to sign up today.

Thanks to all our members for their continued support!

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