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Recently discovered priceless footage of Indian life around 1900.

The Romance of A Vanishing Race

DVD: $24.95


This DVD includes three historic motion pictures of Native Americans and their life-style in the early 1900's. Featuring Tribal Chiefs who participated in the Last Great Indian Council and several who fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Originally produced on 35mm film, this priceless footage, recently discovered within the lost treasures of the National Archives is re-mastered to include an original music score and soundtrack to further preserve Native American history and culture. Three motion pictures that shed a hitherto dim light on an important chapter in the history of a proud people who inhabited the land before it was "conquered" by another race.

Program #1 — The Romance of the Vanishing Race – a view of Indian life in the west featuring Navajo, Pueblo, Crow, and Hopi tribes and reenactment of Indian battle on the plains, Medicine men and ceremonies. Released 1916. Running time: 29 minutes.

Program #2 — Rodman Wanamaker Expedition of Citzenship to the North American Indian, Carrying the Flag and a Message of Hope to a Vanishing Race. Dr. Joseph Dixon explains the symbolism of the flag to numerous Indian tribes and dedication ceremonies. Released 1913. Running time: 26 minutes.

Program #3 — Winter Farm Life on a Crow Reservation – featuring WW1 French hero General Ferdinand Foch. Shows reservation life including butchering a cow, raising a teepee, and ceremonies welcoming General Foch. Released 1921. Running time: 8 minutes.