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This beautiful collection of CDs is available as a five volume set or individually.

Robert Levi: Desert Cahuilla Birdsongs

Five Volume Set: $90.00
Individual Volumes (as available): $18.00


Robert Levi, a Desert Cahuilla elder and nephew of Katherine Siva Saubel who has since passed away, sings traditional desert Cahuilla Birdsongs that were passed down to him from his father and uncles, in this entirely unique set of CDs. During his retirement years, he began teaching the traditional birdsongs that he had learned as a child to the young teens from the various reservations. All that was required was a sincere desire to learn, practice, and respect. Soon the songs were being sung by his students everywhere, and the songs brought enthusiasm and spirit to all the local reservations. In 1998 Robert Levi recorded this five volume CDs of Cahuilla birdsongs at the Sherman Indian High school Music department, assuring that future generations would hear the songs of the indigenous peoples of Southern California.