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This is a revised and annotated version of Alfred Robinson’s translation of Father Geronimo Boscana’s historical account of the belief, usages, customs and extravagancies of the Indians of this Mission of San Juan Capistrano called the Acagchemem tribe.


by Father Geronimo Boscana

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Publisher: Malki Museum Press (1978 and 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0939046121
ISBN-13: 978-0939046126


The text is based on Father Boscana’s (a Spanish catholic priest) notes on mission life and local Indian culture; the title is named after the native god Chinigchinich. The book was originally published in Paris, France in 1848, and stands alone as a unique and invaluable historical document. It was annotated by John P. Harrington, a famous ethnologist with the Bureau of American Ethnology, in the 1930s, and was published by Malki Museum Press in 1978 and 2005.